Introduction of the clan.

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Introduction of the clan.

Post by LittleChrissie on Sun May 01, 2016 10:55 pm

What is sleep? Can you eat that?

Nocturnal, simplified active at night. We are a clan with members around the globe that play during different time zones, yet we do play with each other as a clan.
For some it might be in the morning, for others it could be noon, while others play during the evening and some play in the night.

We are a small clan, having fun with each other and helping out when needed when we do have the time. Of course we all have real life (not eatable sadly) which comes first.
However when we have time to enjoy a game called Destiny, we will take that fun, whether it would to solo things, trying to get things with others or helping out another.

So what are we looking for?
Fun and crazy people who like to play Destiny, but also have patience, can be mature and most importantly, respect each other!
We all have mics to communicate, which makes it easier when you need to get something done in game or want to do a certain part, so having a microphone is really helpful.
We hardly use the bungie forum because it's not really convenient, so we are using the Band app to communicate. It's the fastest way if you have a smartphone (or computer) to talk with the clan.

What can you expect or get in return by joining is?
Firstly, a lot of fun and crazy talk, we have some freaks in here, but it's mostly fun. You don't like it? Then say so, do not hold your tongue, because we cannot change something you won't tell us.
Secondly, we make events, trying to come up with new events as well to get more fun in game then just doing raids, strikes, pvp, etc.
We look out for each other and help each other when possible.
Thirdly, we like the game, doesn't mean that we all focus on this game only, but we do actively play this game.
Fourthly, I like making points in numbers.
Lastly, once you have experienced us and you fit in, you do not wanna go back to something else. You have been adapted to our nature and you can't think normal again.

So apply today and we'll ask a few simple questions to see how good you can coop in the clan!

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